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tv   Today  NBC  May 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's thirsty thursday, everybody. it's the 26th of may. we have red nose day around here. >> you sound funny. >> i know. just one day to go, we can hardly wait to get you ready for the big holiday weekend because it's knocking. swimsuit season has begun. we have bathing suit bloggers here to help you find the right suit for your shape. you have to get a new bathing
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suit. we will show you how to do it. >> these bloggers have it down. these are all famous bloggers you have heard about. we also have the way to get rid of fine lines in your face for a slice of the price you would invest in an office visit. for a lot cheaper. >> that's the wrong word for that. fine lines. there's nothing fine about them. >> you're right. what should we call them? >> ugly. >> deep crevices. >> they're not ugly. >> what? >> they are smile lines. smile lines. >> i'll cover with that. but they're not fine. if you're fine with them, they're fine. what better way to kick off the unofficial start -- we got two ambush makeovers ready for summer. >> if you're in charge of the sides at the holiday barbecue, we have all but the kitchen sink, baked beans, coleslaw, mac and cheese. >> it's good, ladies.
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>> you brought some of that famous bloody mary mix. >> i did. bloody mary mix. you need to put the wine down and go get a bloody mary. >> we can make that happy. so glad you're back with us. we will teach you how to say oil. >> no, no, i like how she says it. say it how you say it. >> oil. >> i love it. >> i try. i practice in the mirror. i can't get it right. >> you just be you, honey. you be you. >> by the way, it is red nose day. everyone has had these things on. it originated in the uk. it's a great cause. it raises funds for kids living with poverty around the world. remember last year when matt had all the way from boston, 26 miles, he went all the way. matt decided he would enlist a bunch of people here. we held our own little cycling on the plaza. the total was 10,000 miles in two hours. with the help of soul cycle. i don't know how -- i guess they
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figured if people rode for however many hours or whatever it was, then they added it all up. there we have it. we are proud of you, hoda woman. hoda woman had a very rough night because her doggy blake has been sick. hoda woman was being a good mother all night long getting up. when you live in a high rise, when your dog has gastrointestinal problems, it is not as easy as letting them out the back door. >> no, i know from the time he sits up and is running to the door, i have two minutes. so -- >> how many times did you do that in the middle of the night? >> i did it three times. >> then she got up, went to the gym, then came and did an hour on the bike, then came to do -- >> while i was doing that, which who cares about that, you were busy winning major league hardware. >> you're right. that's much bigger. >> the gracie award is a big one. the top honor at the gracies,
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you won and natalie won for new series category. >> hoda woman won -- yes, best radio personality. >> mine was one of those participation trophies. >> that is not true. >> it kind of is. >> no. that's your second one. you won last year, too, for your truly beautiful. >> all right. anyway -- >> she won a bunch of them. >> it wasn't about that award, it was because i wanted to hear your speech. i always love your speeches. let's just watch. you said you only -- here's a little teeny bit of the speech. >> i'm so grateful that most of my career, i got to sit with two of the most genuine people the world has ever known. regis philbin for 15 years. oh, my gosh. talk about an original. and now for the past eight and a half years, the incredible hoda kotb whom i adore. you are looking at one of the most graceful women on the planet. when i mentor young girls as
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they come along, i say you just be you, honey. don't let anybody tell you that that's not enough. because it is. it's all you will ever need. and i am so grateful that i found an audience that let me be me, that let me share my ups and downs, that their heart broke when my heart broke and they laughed at my stupid jokes and they forgave me when i made mistakes, and i cannot tell you how deeply grateful i am for that. >> i liked my first line better which was they asked you something you learned when you were young that always stayed with you. i said my daddy used to always say honey, find something you love to do and then figure out a way to get paid for it. so i thought to myself i had two options. show business, hooker. that's the best part of that speech. >> did they love that? >> come on. it brought down the house, baby. thanks to everybody there. it's called -- oh, gosh.
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what's it called? >> what do you mean? the gracie. >> alliance for women in media foundation. it's right here. >> i can't read there. thank you. thank you to you, hoda, for all your love and support. you're the best. also, big news. >> what? >> finally, chuckie is walking. >> what do you mean, finally? >> he's a year and a half. he's taken his time to walk. here he is, taking his very first walk. oh, my gosh. yay! you have all been very very kind about his progression. we are all celebrating -- >> how cute is he? >> you know how one child can make a completely big difference in the whole, whole family dynamic. he has changed my sister's life, his parents' life, obviously, they were later in having a child. my mom was ready to say i'm coming home to you, lord, and
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this child came along and now -- but wait. he's walking, you know? it gives you something -- >> does everyone call him that or just you? >> just me. i made sure it was okay. shecky green is one of the funniest men i ever knew. he reminds me of him. >> 25 years ago, "thelma and louise" hit the theaters. 25 years ago. >> please take that away. please take that. thank you. >> oh, my gosh. >> you do the honors. take that cash, put it in the bag right there, you got an amazing story to tell your children. otherwise you got a tag on your toe. >> this is about -- we're just looking at brad. >> by the way, this was one of the iconic shots.
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they were taking selfies 20 years ago with a polaroid. we thought why not. why don't we -- >> we tried to recreate it. hoda did not want her hair messed with. you can tell that. don't you put some curl after i went to all that trouble to get curl out of it. that's it. you also posted pictures on our facebook page. this is samantha and her best friend posing in the same getup. >> very cute. people like to do these sort of things. >> keep sending them on our facebook page. we will show them on the air. we appreciate it. >> here's the good news. there's almost no words. this whole song is one big shoulder shimmy. okay. this one's by the chain smokers. >> the chain smokers? >> it's called "don't let me down." it's all shoulder. get ready. all you do is this. ready? ♪ don't let me don't let me don't let me down
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don't let me down don't let me down ♪ >> that's the part i like. ♪ don't let me down >> oh, you can do that? >> see? it's all shoulders. >> what can i say? it's awesome. just a reminder, you can listen to us on sirius xm channel 108 and find hoda there. the gracie award winning hoda every monday and wednesday at 2:00. >> holly is a great producer. lovely girl. >> she actually earned that gracie. congratulations to holly and matt and all the guys on the team. it was more for them than for me. here's something to blog about. the right bathing suit for your shape and figure, right after this. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh, whatever you're making. cheesy chipotle pork quesadillas? mmmm...
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you're gisele. that's why we brought bloggers to the rescue. you will meet them in just a minute. first here is "style watch" magazine's deputy editor, brittney burke. this is that time of year where people are like oh, no. >> hey, it can be exciting. we want to find a great suit that you look awesome in. >> okay. you say it can be done. >> we believe it. >> i love that we have all these bloggers. this is very very cool. our first one out is christina. she has a blog called love brown sugar. tell us about why that suit works for christina. >> this is a great suit because she has a bigger bust and she wants to cover up her tummy. so you have a deep v so you get to get the support and there are built-in cups there and you are also able to show off the cleavage. she with unzip that a little more if she wants to show off. if she wants to. then there's a little bit of ruching in there. it's really really flattering
10:14 am
over the tummy and is just a really nice line. that zipper goes all the way down. >> that makes it kind of sexy. >> definitely. >> love brown sugar. thank you very much. next up, we have serena. her blog is called the spicy stiletto. bring it out here. tell us about her. >> this is great because this is sort of the best of both worlds. you can have a one piece that sort of has the feel of a two piece with the cutout in there. a little straighter up and down so we want to accentuate her curves. it makes the illusion of a fuller bust and the two straps do the same. at the bottom, it sort of looks a little bit more curvy on the bottom with floral prints. >> i love the little print. >> i do, too. really pretty. >> thank you so much. tiffany's next. she has a blog called love gray skies. hey, girl. >> we love this suit because it's super supportive. it's got this super stretchy
10:15 am
material that gets you all lifted in there and then she also can adjust that halter neckline which is really really great, so if you have a bigger bust and you want a little more support, just tie it a little tighter. there's some really flattering ruching over the tummy and also a nice sort of bodice line underneath her bust that sort of gives you a little more definition. >> you like the prints, too. sometimes people stay away from prints. >> especially in the summer. >> that looks like you are heavier than you are sometimes. >> it's always sexy. animal print is always sexy. it's really really cool for the beach. >> that is excellent. all right. now we have got liz, our final blogger. her blog is called p.s., it's fashion. >> hey, girl. >> tell us about her. >> we love a two-piece like this. this is a super supportive top, you know, liz has a bigger bust. we want to have that tie behind it so she can have them be lifted and the best thing about a two-piece like this is it's
10:16 am
high-waisted. you can still have nchcoverage. you want the leg hole to hit in a nice spot so your legs look super long. that's done that for her. and you can have a fun print. there's a key hole detail in there. it's a little sexier. >> a peekaboo thing. let's bring all the lovely, lovely ladies. how are the blogs going, by the way? >> fantastic. >> how cool, right? >> good for you all finding that. thanks so much. from swimsuits to sisters who have been ambushed for head-to-toe makeovers. >> bobbie has a new way to do your own nails after this.
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all right. if you want to try a perfume without buying the whole bottle, if you are in dire need to clean your makeup brushes, today's style editor and our pal bobbie thomas is here with the latest and greatest products that are buzzing in the beauty world. >> you always have good ones. what do you have? >> i just love sharing with you all at home and the ladies stuff that comes across my desk. so you may start seeing in your new beauty boutique patches that are pointed patches that have hyalauronic acid meant to pierce the skin. this is inspired by a trend that's really taken off online. professionals do microneedling. if you feel this on your hands, these are teeny little needles that painlessly pierce through the skin and you are meant to put them --
10:21 am
>> it doesn't feel like piercing. >> what it does, it's supposed to help get the collagen going. if you go to a professional you may see crazy pictures of people online with blood on their face. that's for the professionals. be careful what you buy online. you have to make sure a professional would use these. >> it makes you want to do it when you are watching how they go back and forth, beautiful skin. >> the patches are a little safer. this is something that's regulated. if you are using a tool like this, make sure you know what you're doing or go to a professional. >> these are the same thing but i stick these under your eyes and leave it there? >> for how long? >> ten minutes or longer. it helps transfer the acid which will plump your skin. next, they are not replacing the bottle but this is a huge deal, this is the first-ever look at these bottles on tv. what's new, besides the twist, is that under the cap, the brush has a curved, they cut the hair
10:22 am
so that it's curved and what that means is it's going to fit your cuticle better and the twist will hold more nail polish. it's also got a gel formula but it's not gel where you need the light here. i have to say i was really impressed with the formula. it took them three years to get this right. >> good for them. i love it. pretty colors, too. >> next, a really fun company, this is a way to get designer fragrances for less. you can try before you buy. they like to say you can date your fragrance before you marry it. >> such a personal thing. it doesn't smell the same on other people as it does on you. >> what it is, you can basically set it up monthly. you can do three months, six months, nine months, you pick the fragrances and they come like this in a bottle that's really cool but is refillable. you get smaller sizes and this is hermes. you can get fragrances that normally the whole bottle is much more expensive. also for people who want to switch it up throughout the year
10:23 am
you get better access to fragrances without the huge bottle on your counter. great idea. kudos to semper. they also sell gift boxes if you don't want to do the subscription. last but not least, i love checking out bloggers and what they are buzzing about. this boulevard cosmetics is a small indy company that's come up with a solid shampoo and conditioner for your brushes. so you twist them like this in the brush or under the sink and under the cap is another scrub. this will help clean your cosmetic brushes much easier. >> so smart. >> lots of people are loving this. >> glad we got all that covered. how's myles? enough about this. >> got a tooth this week. >> stop it! everybody stay hallelujah. >> we are working on a baby buzz. we will bring myles on. i have fun things for you ladies in store. >> he's adorable. cute as ever. >> i feel guilty talking about him because he's my pleasure. i just love him so much. i want to smell his breath and be at home all day.
10:24 am
>> i get it. i get it. mine are 26 and 23, i want to smell their breath all the time, too. >> michael makes fun of me. >> never mind. i should stop. >> because you love them. you never stop loving them. >> sisters met up in new york never dreaming they would be ambushd. we check out their makeovers we check out their makeovers after your local news. you tota. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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you doing it? >> no.classes are canceled at no high school - after a deadly shooting not far from happening now, classes are canceled at novato high school after a deadly shooting not far from campus. authorities looking for three people. the school says the students are tied to the case, but so far are not revealing exactly how. our steph is in novato where
10:27 am
investigators gave an update. you with-k look for details on the twitter feed. the sharks clinch their first trip ever to the stanley cup finals. you can check out fan reaction and recap of last night's history-making game.
10:28 am
our temperatures today still trending right although about average for this time of year.
10:29 am
a lot more sunshine this after. expect a high of 78 degrees in san jose. 77 in palo alto. the mission district 6 degrees. north and low 70s for the north bay. oakland, 70 degrees. dublin, the high of 76 degrees. mostly 60s and 70s with a few spots hitting the 80s. we'll see more widespread 80s after we go into tomorrow as well as the weekend. let's see what's happening on the roadways with anthony. >> in the last five minutes there was actually an accident that happened right here. this is 580 before the 680 interchange in dublin. you can see cars getting through but it's a slow go. two lanes are blocked and crews haven't even arrived on the scene. it just happened. a slow go getting through dublin, the 580 through 680 interchange. slow spot on san mateo bridge. we have a stall in the middle lane and folks trying to get around that. the east bay, no problem union city down toward fremont.
10:30 am
still slow in the silicon valley 101 towards palo alto. >> anthony delivering traffic news before the police even know about it. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. it's thirsty thursday. we are back on this beautiful spring day with the moment you have been waiting for. >> early this morning while most of you were just waking up, two sisters were whisked away for a couple of ambush makeovers. famous stylist to the stars louis licari, it's all throwing us off because he's with the licari cutler salon. i don't like change. and glamour girl jill martin work their magic. hello, kids. two sisters. >> two sisters. i'm a hairdresser. they were so excited and we have a blonde and brunette to work on. what more could i ask for? >> it's going to be fun.
10:31 am
the first sister we are going to show you is beth fuller. she is 52 years old. she has worked as a nurse for the last ten years. she says she spends most of her time in her scrubs or in her pjs. she's here oasn a sisters trip see a broadway show. >> i know you really want this. tell me why. >> all her life she's been cutting her own hair, taking care of others. she's a nurse. she takes care of the elderly. she deserves it. >> very deserving. look at this hair. are you a little nervous? >> not at all. not at all. >> we will take good care of you. >> when you're ready, you're ready. >> it's time. let's take one last look at beth fuller before. all right, beth, come on out. let's see your ambush makeover. wow! wow! you ready to see yourself? spin around right here. >> oh, my god! >> wow.
10:32 am
she likee. >> i love it! >> you look great. >> you look awesome. >> i love it, too, because at work i have to put my hair up if it's more than shoulder length. it always falls down. >> that color is beautiful. >> isn't it beautiful? as you see, she colored her hair herself but it was too light, it was faded, was it blonde or gray. we made it medium to dark blonde with a pinch of warmth. as i always say, with the right hair color you have to wear less makeup. haircut today by vanessa. >> you look beautiful. i love the leather and the floral. >> just fun and flirty. the dress is maggie london. i love all the colors in the floral pattern. the jacket is white house black market. great leather jacket is such a great option. >> really cute. >> very cute. all right. beth, we will do this so you can see your sister. why don't you stand over there and turn around, face the wall.
10:33 am
>> we know how sisters get. >> okay. we will introduce your sister. she is anna fontaine, 53 years old from orlando. she's the older sister. she works as a retail manager. she's married with two children. her son is currently serving in the navy, god bless him. she says she never knows exactly how to dress but she loves her jeans. let's take a listen to her story. >> so now it is your big sister's turn. she told me she's never colored her hair? >> never colored her hair. and she has absolutely no gray hair and i of course have like 80% gray hair. so i color my hair. >> well, we are excited to give this to you because i know you work really hard as a mom and a wife. are you excited, nervous? >> oh, my god, very excited and very nervous. >> one is a little nervous. here with her sister beth, they haven't seen each other all morning long so it will be the first time to look at each other. let's take a look at anna before and bring anna out now.
10:34 am
>> wow! >> so pretty. >> okay. >> you guys want to turn around? >> take a look at your sister. >> oh, my god. you look like a model. i didn't realize she was standing there. >> now you get to look at yourself. turn around right to the mirror. >> oh, my god. >> look how beautiful you look. >> don't look at us. look at you. >> that's pretty cool. >> that's so cute. >> spin right around. >> look into that camera, please. >> come stand next to your sister. love the jackets. >> all right. what did you do? >> okay. with anna, her hair was dark but actually, she did have a few grays. it was just starting to make it look a little dull. it was time. at a certain point you want to soften your hair color, because it works again better with your complexion. vanessa gave her this great
10:35 am
haircut and just the combination all works together. >> it looks so good on you. >> totally natural. doesn't look like -- >> i love that jacket, jill, with the lace look. >> yeah, i jft just wanted to show an iteration of the white jacket and how to incorporate it for summer and spring. >> fantastic. big round of applause for both our ladies. awesome. what show are you going to see? good for you. are you throwing a party? we have ideas straight off the pages of a fairy tale that will get your guests into the garden, right after this. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers.
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(announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. someone is carrying well,locally grown produce picked at peak of season of freshness. guess who it could be. better yet... ...try it. at walmart's low prices. garden tea party is created with our sponsor, disney's alice
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through the looking glass in theaters and imax friday. >> all right. the unofficial start to summer is almost here. that means it's time to start planning all the fabulous outdoor parties for bridal or baby showers or even something for a kids party. what are you wearing? >> a hat. >> looks like a bird. >> i think it's on backwards but i like it. we have a celebrity event designer. we let her run wild with our set taking inspiration from the new disney movie, "alice through the looking glass" opening tomorrow. >> this looks like a peacock swallowed you. >> i want to go on record to say i didn't choose these hats for you. the reason we have these hats is because having hats at a party is a great way to welcome your guests. it just creates fun immediately. look at yourself. isn't that fun? >> after your hats are on, next
10:41 am
thing you want to do because you always want to keep your guests thinking what's next is have a wow factor. behind you, the backdrop to these beautiful hats, fabulous. >> this is an amazing wow factor. when your guests walk in, have them see something that says wow, this is a party. now, this is obviously professionally designed but this is an inspiration for what everyone can do at home. grab outside shrubs, whatever you have, use nature at your backdrop, throw color, frames, clocks, flowers. >> let's do it. >> okay, ladies, this is what we call -- i can't keep my hat on -- this is what we call garden elegance. >> beautiful. >> believe it or not, so many things at this table that we can find in our house. for example, this is a candlestick but without a candle we put flowers. this is a banana stand but i use the teacup.
10:42 am
>> why wouldn't you. >> then we use moss which is so inexpensive but gives you a huge impact. >> get that at the florist, right? >> anywhere. go to your neighbor's backyard. then what we have here are lots and lots of different patterns of china. go crazy. teacups, saucers. >> mix it up, right? >> mix it up. food. food is huge. it's a decorative item. get beautiful cupcakes. just go crazy. >> okay. w what about the kids? >> for the kids it should be totally mad, mad, mad. what we have over here is fun, color and you got to make the kids happy. we are using food as a huge decorative element here. we don't want to bust out the good china so i have paper products here. then we are using food while the kids eat their veggies, make it more exciting. >> ranch dressing in there? they love that. that's so smart. >> add a little pop of color,
10:43 am
pop of whimsy. i printed these on my computer. food, look at these playing cards, rice krispie treats. >> that's so clever. >> just adorable. >> the hat won't stay on. i'm really sorry about that. i had nothing to do with that. then these little stickers i buy at the craft store, stick them in the sandwiches. have your kids help you make these things. this is big impact, low budget and you can do this at home. >> have your party, then go see the movie. >> absolutely. but don't wear the hat. >> you don't want to block anybody's view. >> is that better? all right. time to go. >> are you at a loss for party recipes this weekend? we have you covered right after this.
10:44 am
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if you're like many people
10:49 am
chances are you will find yourself around a grill at some point this weekend. >> man cannot live on burgers and dogs alone. you have to have some sides. that's why the "today" food team invited elizabeth -- >> she went to high school. >> into our kitchen. so glad you're back. she is known as the debu tante farmer. she made chicken with peach barbecue sauce earlier. >> now it's time for the sides we've got to have our sides. >> if you are not a great cook you end up burning everything on that grill. don't worry because we have baked beans and wonderful slaw that's the best. you basically cannot mess these up. the only way you can mess it up is by not putting enough in it. we have coca cola. >> what? >> yes, honey. we will do sweet and hot. we have smoky barbecue sauce. >> the way i like my men. sweet and hot. >> we have a little bit of hot
10:50 am
sauce. yellow mustard. okay, look, this is my secret. we will put cooked bacon inside. then we are also going to put raw bacon on top so we get all of that grease. >> you can't have enough bacon. >> you can't, i'm sorry. it's the holiday. start stirring. we have paprika and cajun seasoning and brown sugar. >> you really make it. >> absolutely. it's easy. this is simple. just get in there with it. >> now what? >> what we'll do, we get this mixed really really well, then we will pour it into this dish. >> okay. good luck, girl. be careful. >> no. no, no. >> to the side. to the side. there we go. there we are. all right. so now we are going to add our bacon on top. if you really want to do it up, you can always add a little bacon fat from the cooked bacon we have already done. >> it probably needs a little more bacon fat.
10:51 am
>> why not? it's memorial day. it's a holiday. this goes into the oven, about 350 degrees for at least an hour. you want all of that to melt. look at that. look at that. >> thing of beauty. thing of beauty. you going to try it? >> no. i know how good it is. >> all right. hold on. it is really, really good. >> come over to the coleslaw. >> it's sweet and it's hot. >> like your men. >> by the way, that is so good. keep going. >> this is kadaddy's coleslaw. he taught me everything i know. he taught me to come in out of the rain. >> come in out of the rain? >> how to change a tire. all the daddy lessons. this is the other one he taught me. how the make coleslaw. one of the things, honey, you need to pay attention. any time we have something that we got this cabbage, we have a
10:52 am
sharp knife, we have fingers you know can get involved. let's make a nice side. we will get some stability. we won't have to worry about cutting ourselves. we will make nice -- we are not going to let you touch the knife. you are going to learn from watching. you will learn from watching. we have our beautiful coleslaw. we have wonderful mayonnaise. if you want to make home made mayonnaise that's wonderful but store-bought brand is going to be fine. >> people get in fights. they know they -- >> you want to talk about it on the air? i can't mention names, can i? >> i don't think. >> you have a constitutional right. >> literally, i have gotten in fights over which mayonnaise to use. >> it's preference. >> what kind do you like best? >> hellmann's. >> this is daddy's trick. what you do is squeeze your
10:53 am
lemon but watch. >> wait a minute. >> i know. they are all stuck right there. all the seeds aren't running around the bottom of the bowl. they are right there. it will make it really easy to pick them out. >> why don't you take them off the lemon before? >> this is just the way we do it. this is how we do. >> thank you. right near a city you probably actually heard of. >> rosedale. >> what state are we talking about? >> mississippi. >> come on. are we eating? >> now we have our wonderful baked beans, the chicken we did in the 10:00 hour, daddy's slaw and the baked beans. that macaroni and cheese recipe will be on the website. >> i love this chicken. where's the slaw? there it is.
10:54 am
it looks delicious. >> is that good? >> delicious. for these recipes and more -- >> best you ever had. >> we love that., find the recipe. it's there.
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
all right, everybody. is it okay or not okay to refuse selfies with fans? >> celebs like amy schumer, justin bieber and leonardo dicaprio have been known to decline photos every now and then. >> here's what we had to say about it. >> i don't mind taking photos with people but i personally dislike selfies. i'll do them if it means that much to someone. >> i say no, it is not okay. it takes one second, snap the picture. >> all right. >> snap, snap, snap. >> you got selfie-itis.
10:58 am
>> exactly. we have some cool people we're going to get selfies with at the end of this show. coming up, olivia and company. tomorrow, sam wa a north bay high school closed
10:59 am
11:00 am
down as police search for armed and dangerous suspects. more about their teenaged ing victims.. scott/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. kris//2shot search teams are scouring an open space preserve near the marin country club where two novato high school students were shot and stabbed last night. one of them died. =scott/anim== nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live at their high school where investigators just gave an update. stephanie. live intro developing story search for homicide suspects novato =kris/topvo= developing news out of vallejo this morning.


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